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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

listography: Top 5 Beauty Products

I have to confess right here: I have no beauty routine. If something is dirty, I wash it, if it's dry, I moisturise it, if it has a spot, I treat it. End of. I always remember to take my make-up off and clean my teeth. That, if anything, is my Beauty Routine. So I did struggle to name my Top 5 Beauty Products, but here goes.

1). Water.

Yup, I'm an annoying 8 glasses a day girl. I tend to drink more water than anything else. I can tell when I add pop, etc, in because my skin quality goes down the drain.

2). Simple "Vital Vitamin" Day Cream.
It doesn't smell, and it doesn't leave you sticky, which are my two main look-fors in moisturiser. Plus, my big pot was free with a magazine, and I'm still using it, so it lasts a long time too!

3). Johnson & Johnson's face wipes (any flavour, though I like the Dreamy Skin ones below).

 I can't be doing with the cleanse-and-tone thing. I've tried. It's time-consuming and buying two products is (oddly enough) twice as expensive. J&J is one wipe to remove it all. Plus (Handy Hint) save the used wipes to use as throwaway cloths for cleaning your bathroom (or anywhere else) with. You can wash them if you've taken something greasy off with them, which I found out by accident when some of them got into the washing basket.

4). Benefit High Beam.

Highlighter, lip sparkler, eyeshadow (I actually get more compliments using it as eyeshadow than anything else). Downside: ludicrously expensive for the amount you get. But I love it anyway. Fortunately it seems to be an annual freebie on Glamour magazine, so I stock up then at £2/4ml instead of £19/20ml.

5). Mark Smith Magic Drops

Again, ludicrously expensive, but hey, it calms down my hair. Plus, it's usually on 3 for 2 at Boots, whcih is when I stock up like a crazy lady!!


At some stage I plan on doing a Top 5 Nail Products, but as this is pretty much my only essential beauty product, it certainly deserves a mention!

1). OPI Nail Envy

There is rarely (NEVER) a time that I don't have OPI Nail Envy on my nails. It basically strengthens and conditions your nails, and I love it. I regularly have very long nails, and the strength mainly comes from Nail Envy.


  1. Benefit high beam is a great product. Never heard of Mark Smith Magic Drops, but I might have to try them.


  2. They are usually on some kind of offer in Boots, I think at the moment it's buy one get one half price.

  3. The other advantage of getting mini Benefit products free with Glamour magazine is that they are more portable than the full-sized items