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Thursday, 5 June 2014

May Favourites!

OK...When I first did a "Favourites" post (wayyyyyyy back in September) I did clarify that I would forget to do them every month. So, here we are. This is the next in the series of things that are making me a happier little bunny this month...

This Pura Vida bracelet:

You will probably notice a slight theme this month. I'm slowly being over-taken by the coral trend (is that still a trend? I'm not trendy). This bracelet is the perfect match for May favourite number two. A friend and I have recently started importing these bracelets (first in the UK! We think...) and selling them at work after we fell in love with them when she found them on a trip to California. If you fancy stocking up on some for yourself, check us out on Facebook. Each bracelet helps to make life better for people in Costa Rica (and makes you look super awesome...I'm just sayin'...). I would advise you to get in on this trend before everyone else! ;)

This Accessorize nail polish:

I'd taken it off by this point...So the bottle is modeled here by my toy bichon frise.

If you follow my nail blog (and if you don't, where have you been?!) you will have seen me use the sequins that come with this colour last month to create a really cool scaly manicure for Play-off Weekend at the start of April. I just realised how gross "scaly manicure" sounds. Sorry. It wasn't gross at all actually, it reminded me of awesome dragons and Pudge the fish. Anyway...I digress. I used to just lump coral in with all the other reds that were a bit bright and I didn't like wearing. Then I wore this colour. I secretly judge my nails by how many comments they get. Working in a shop, hundreds of people see each manicure, so it's a pretty good way to judge, I think. This colour gets compliments from MEN. Straight men. Men don't notice nails. They even say they never notice nails. I don't remember the last manicure I did that a guy actually noticed (apart from that guy who said French manicures always made him think of porn...But we'll gloss over that one). Sadly this "Sandstone" colour is only available as part of a set (polish and pot of chunky glitter sequins) for £5. I see a lot of spare sequins in my future, because I need to stock up on this before it goes!!

Benefit Cha Cha Tint:

Image copyright Benefit Cosmetics.
I mentioned the coral theme before, right? Cha Cha tint is a lovely orangey-coral colour for lips and (though I haven't been brave enough to try it there) cheeks. I'm too much of a smeary klutz to wear lipstick, so lip stains are a perfect un-smudgeable solution and when I found some 99p samples on eBay I snapped one up.

This hair bow:

Actually, all these hair bows...

I don't usually wear hair accessories. My hair is huge and eats any decoration that goes near it. But I went to a vintage fair the day before Star Wars Day, and saw the Darth Vader one, and then they were six for a fiver, and there was Disney...And...Well...the inevitable happened ("The Inevitable" being I muttered something like "My nieces will love these!" as I flung a fiver at the woman and squirrelled away my Disney kiddie hair bow purchase for me, me and only me). I have to apologise as I've lost her business card so I can't give her the plug she deserves! If I find it I will definitely edit her details in later.

My go-to summer perfume...
JLo Glow apparently is aimed at "late teens/early 20s", but I don't care. The blurb says it smells of neroli, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk, jasmine, iris, and vanilla, but to me it smells like summer and I love it! I'm also apparently running low, looking at the picture! It is actually nicely complimented by the lovely Lustre dust in the background from Lush, which also smells of jasmine and has the added benefit of being jam-packed with SPARKLES!!!

If I remember, there will be a few June favourites to come next month (or, as it took me sooo long to do this, later this month!).

Monday, 24 March 2014

Raising Awareness...

Right now, wherever you are, raise your hand nice and high if you are NOT aware of cancer. No-one? Thought so.

So can we please stop the stupid Facebook games to "raise awareness of cancer"? For one, they are genuinely stupid. They tend to spread through women, so for the guys out there, here is what usually happens...

You get a mass PM. Followed by several further PMs from people in the group who didn't understand the game, or "I don't want to play publicly but mine is blue." (Stop. Just stop now. Don't do that). The original PM usually goes something like:

"LADIES! Let's play a game and raise awareness of cancer at the same time! This is ladies only so don't tell the guys! lol! All you have to do is post the colour of your bra (NOTHING ELSE, just the colour of your bra) as your Facebook status.  If a woman asks what you are doing, clue her in by forwarding this message! If a man asks...DON'T TELL THEM!! Haha!"

Which leads to Facebook being full of:

Woman A: "BLUE!"
Guy A: "What?"
Guy B: "Blue what?"
Woman A: "I can't tell you....lolz!!"

Great job lady! You just raised awareness of BLUE. Excellent job. And where exactly does clogging my FB feed with colours and the ensuing debates raise awareness of cancer? Anyone? No-one? There you go then. Awareness-raising FAIL. The "Where do you put your handbag?" one is basically the same, but with places rather than colours.

The latest one is make-up free selfies. You know what? I complained bitterly about the make-up free selfies when they first appeared. I even took some criticism for it. But on the surface it did appear to be just another stupid FB idea, because no-one mentioned in public that they were also texting to donate at the same time (IF they were...The campaign certainly didn't start off that way until it was criticised for doing no good). Again, unless you were clued in, from the outside it tended to just turn FB into an endless stream of this (snippets from various posts on my timeline):

Woman A: [terribly-lit mobile phone quality selfie of woman with no make-up on, accompanied by blurb about tagging friends and "raising awareness of cancer". Bonus points for actually mentioning "cancer" in the status this time though *thumbs up*, MASSIVE minus points for mentioning nothing about also making a donation]
Friend A: "Twit-twoooooooo!"
Friend B: "Hawt"
Friend C: "You're so pretty!"
Woman A: "Noooooooooooooooooo! I look awful!"
Friend D: "Stop it babz, your gorgeous!"
Woman A: "No! stop lyin! I look sooooooooo rough!"
Friend E: "GAwwwww-jussss!"*
Friend F: "Pretteh gurl is prettehhhhhhh!"**
Woman A: "Stop it!! I look horrible!"

So I'm thinking "If you want to fish for compliments, just do it. Don't hide it as doing good and "raising awareness". Because you're not really raising any awareness there at all. You're fishing for compliments or feeling "brave" because your friends, who have seen you in a far worse state if they are really your friends, are seeing you with no make-up on." because no-one was also mentioning if they were donating. Then a couple of days of indignant screen-cap posts of donation texts after media criticism.

If you can't afford to text and donate, that's OK!! We've all been there. But PLEASE share a link to Cancer Research UK (CRUK), or Macmillan Cancer with your selfie. Share a poster of how to check yourself for breast or testicular cancer. Share the adverts on TV at the moment about prostate cancer. That will all help raise awareness and save lives, if that's what you really want to do. You might not get as many likes but you might save someone's life.

If you just want someone to tell you that you look pretty with no make-up on, just post a picture of yourself with no make-up on. Chances are people will tell you that anyway, because you probably ARE genuinely pretty without make-up on, you just never give yourself the chance to find out. (Natural light is your friend, don't take them in the bathroom).

From the looks of it the campaign is actually now raising money and sharing some useful self-checking posters too (and in some cases adopting polar bears...), so good on you if you took part properly.

*If you've ever spelled that word that way, slap yourself in the face for me. Thanks. Now NEVER do it again. It's not a hard word to spell properly. Post from your phone if you get stuck. Auto-correct is your friend.

*If you've ever used that ("[adjective] [noun] is [same adjective]") sentence structure, slap yourself super-hard in the face. It's idiotic and annoying.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Really, Internet? Really?! "Brow Arch March"?!

Today many (FB, Twitter, a blog site) internet places informed me that I should be readying myself for "Brow Arch March". Quite how a person does that, I'm not sure. None of the sites clarified. Am I supposed to grow them out, in preparation for all the brow arching to come? Am I supposed to have them arched and ready for March, so I can spend March basking in eyebrowy glory?

I have no idea. I do know that it sounds like a stupid marketing ploy by someone or other to sell more...Whatever you use when you care about your eyebrow architecture.

But it did get me thinking, we could have an entire year of personal grooming themed months (*side note* who doesn't personally groom in some way every day?! OK, I take that back. Maybe it's just from working in retail, but I can think of a few people who definitely don't groom every day/week/month/year).

On with the marketing for a Year of Beauty (marketing experts, please give credit when you inevitably use my genius marketing schemes...):

Jelly-Bits January: Time to tone up everything that escaped your attention at Christmas. Gym attendance already soars during the Post-Christmas Shame Period, why not cash in a bit more?

Philtrum February: Tone that Cupid's Bow! Pucker up for Valentine's Day! Work that infransal depression, girl!

Brow Arch March: Whatever.

Armpit April: It's Spring! We're gearing up to vests, and the like (or, wishing we were as we stare out at the rain). Alternatively, raincoats make you sweat, focus on deodorant sales.

Moustache May: Bleach it! Wax it! Work it! It's your choice!

Joints June: Get your knees and elbows all smooth for summer! Alternatively, get ready to flash those ankles in a fit of Victorian flooziness.

Jawline July: Get defining, ready for your holidays! Sunglasses need to be balanced out by a perfect jawline...Or something... (there are VERY few body parts beginning with a "J", OK?!).

Ass-Crack August: Bikini season isn't all about the chest cleavage, you know. Let's get #ButtCleavage trending for Ass-Crack August.

Septum September: No-one notices the septum until you don't have one, eh Daniella Westbrook? But with cold and flu season upon us, it's time to take care of the most neglected part of the nose.

Obliques October: We can have "The 30 Day Squat Challenge", so let's have "The 31 Day Awkward Twisty Sit-Up Things Challenge".

Nails November: Obviously there has to be a whole month for nails, and what better month than the one leading up to Party Season?

Decolletage December: Quite. We all know how December goes. Party on!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Something Different...Graphics.

I was saying the other day that I hadn't done a craft post for a while (seeing as this was meant to be a craft blog and is sadly lacking in that aspect lately!). Truth is, I haven't really done many actual crafts. November and December are always hellishly busy for me, working in retail, and January is usually spent putting myself and the house back together and doing all those things that get neglected during the festive period!

So, whilst not strictly a craft, I thought I'd post a few creative things I've been doing, as suggested by the friend I have done  most of them for!

I love playing with Photoshop, whether that's touching up and editing photographs or making graphics from scratch. Lately I have been making graphics for a good friend's wrestling efed, and the people who play there. I won't explain the whole thing, basically they create characters, those characters have "pic-bases" who are (usually) celebrities, and have banners to go with it for use on forums, etc. So yes, I know the celebrities in the pictures have the wrong names. Creative licence. Just enjoy the pictures. :)

*HEADS UP* Some of them aren't wearing very much. Make your own NSFW/PG13 decisions please. I trust your judgement.

This is the first one I did, for one of my husband's characters. I think he was a little doubting over whether or not I could actually work to the graphics standard he was used to. Given his face I surpassed it. 

That was the first style background I learned to do, and is still one of my favourites. I possibly over-use it slightly. ;)

Backgrounds are easily the most fun bit.

This one is one of my favourites, I'll not go into how to do it, basically google is your friend...If there's an effect you want, someone will have already put a lesson up on how to do it!

Here it is in use. Sad thing is a lot of the awesome backgrounds get covered up!

Spot the difference! There were actual details given for the character's outfit for this one. I love the crumpled lettering...Never done that before.

The finished product.

My favourite effect is DEFINITELY metallics...

Before and after. The font makes a lot of difference...

This wasn't for the efeds, it was a design I submitted for a friend's company logo.

This logo is NOT my original design, I just edited it and added effects.

This one is my original, and one of my favourites. :)

This is one of my all-time favourites. The font is altered/added to, which caused massive problems when I wanted to use it again, because I couldn't recognise it! Free font sites are my downfall. I LOVE fonts. I try to have a different font for each character, though obviously I have my favourites!

Obviously I didn't make this image (or the "R"), just the rest of the text!

One of my other favourite fonts.

So there you go. Sorry for the whorey display of boobs and asses. It seems to go with the territory.

If you are interested in commissioning some graphics of your own, drop me an email or leave a comment below. :)

If you are interested in joining the efeds (and you can fill out an application form correctly, eh Mark?), you can find the best ones here and here.

I don't have characters...I just wanted a pretty graphic! ;)

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Remember When Everyone Was Doing Those "100 Things" Posts?

Well I found one in my Documents folder, so I did it. You're welcome. :)

001. Real name → I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you... ;)
002. Nickname(s)→ Floss
003. Zodiac sign → Aries
004. Male or female → Female
005. Elementary -> Whitehill
006. Middle School → Whitehill
007. High School → Brinsworth
008. Hair color → Brown
009. Long or short → Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!
010. Loud or Quiet → Little bit of both!
011. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans for going out, sweats for staying in.
012. Phone or Camera - Camera.
013. Health freak → No.
014. Drink or Smoke? → Not really.
015. Do you have a crush on someone? → Who doesn't?
016. Eat or Drink → Both!
017. Piercings → Ears
018. Tattoos → I could tell you, but where would the mystery be then? ;)

019. Been in an airplane→ Yes
020. Been in a relationship → Yes
021. Been in a car accident → Not a serious one.
022. Been in a fist fight → Not a serious one.

023. First piercing → Ears
024. First best friend → Abigail, we were 2yrs old.
025. First award → Erm...I really can't remember! First medal was for doing the Playtex Moonwalk marathon though.
026. First crush → Sean Bean.
028. First big vacation → Bournemouth, that I can remember.

029. Last person you talked to → The weird-but-friendly assistant at WH Smith.
030. Last person you texted → John.
031. Last person you watched a movie with → Myself, right now.
032. Last food you ate→ Sushi!
 033. Last movie you watched- *checks TV listings* Legally Blonde. :P
034. Last song you listened to → "Popular" from Wicked.
035. Last thing you bought → Sushi, a sympathy card, and a stuffed toy of two peas in a pod.
036. Last person you hugged → John.

037. Food → Chinese
038. Drinks -> Juice, Lychee or Mango for preference.
039. Clothing → Pyjamas!
040. Flower → Roses, they don't make me sneeze.
042. Colors → Purple
043. Movies → Love Actually
044. Subjects → Art, English, Music, Sociology.


In 2013, I....
045. [Y] kissed someone
046. [Y] celebrated Halloween
047. [N] had your heart broken
048. [Y] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone
049. [N] someone questioned your sexual orientation
050. [N] came out of the closet
051. [N] gotten pregnant
052. [N] had an abortion
053. [N] done something you've regretted
054. [N] broke a promise
055. [Y] hid a secret
056. [N] pretended to be happy
057. [Y] met someone who changed your life
058. [N] pretended to be sick
059. [N] left the country
060. [Y] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
061. [Y] cried over the silliest thing
062. [N] ran a mile
063. [Y]went to the beach with your best friend(s)
 064. [N] got into an argument with your friends
 065. [N] hated someone - I don't tend to "hate" people. If you've done something that bad, you're probably just dead to me, it's far less negative and energy-consuming. :)
066. [N] stayed single the whole year

067. Eating → Nothing
068. Drinking → Cherry Coke
069. I'm about to →Put some bedding away. Rock'n'Roll!
070. Listening to → The TV.
071. Plans for today → Hockey, maybe wash my hair later.
072. Waiting for → John to wake up after his night shift.

073. Want kids? → Eventually.
074. Want to get married? → I'd do it all again tomorrow. ♥
075. Careers in mind → Something craft-related, and probably self-employed. When I'm rich enough to not need to work, that is!

076. Lips or eyes → Ideally both (all four?!) but I'm not discriminatory.
077. Shorter or taller?→ Taller, but I'm only 5'2" so logistically not too tall.
078. Romantic or spontaneous> Bit of both!
079. Nice stomach or nice arms → nice arms
080. Sensitive or loud → Bit of both.
081. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship.
082. Trouble-maker or hesitant → That's a weird option..

083. Lost glasses/contacts - Only sunglasses.
 084. Snuck out of your house → No. I live here, I can come and go as I please. When I lived at home? Still no.
085. Held a gun/knife for self defense → No
086. Killed somebody → No! (WTF?!)
087. Broken someone's heart → Probably...
088. Been arrested → No.
089. Cried when someone died → Obviously.

090. Yourself → *pokes middle* Yes. I am undoubtably real.
091. Miracles → Of course!
092. Love at first sight → Yes.
093. Heaven → Yes.
094. Santa Claus → Yes.
 095. Sex on the first date → No.
096. Kiss on the first date → Maybe...

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? →Short of a lottery win and/or a dog? Pretty much! 30 this year, married, got our own house, employed, great family and friends, life is good.
099. Do you believe in God → Yes.
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people→ If they want to take it from here, they are more than welcome.