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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Listography: Top 5 Cookbooks

Now, I debated not doing this Listography, because 1) I don't really cook (yup, there it is, I do not really cook), and 2) when I do cook, I tend to find recipes online.

However, I will still play the listography game.

1) Kirstie Allsopp: Craft
Hush, all of you who are saying "But that, quite clearly, is a craft book!" You are right. BUT it is my favourite craft book in the world. EVER. And, it has recipes in it. So...In yo' face. It's my favourite recipe book too.

2) Busy Woman's Slow Cooker Recipes

I love my slow cooker. LOVE. It's like having a tiny little chef sat in my kitchen. I give it meat and veg and go off to work, and come back to a cooked dinner. Sure, this recipe has a few duds (Sausage Bean Casserole is a phrase no longer uttered in our house).

3) St Michael's All-Colour Freezer Cookery Book

This is from 1970-something, and my Nana gave it to me. There are some great recipes and some really weird ones. But if you want classic cooking, go for a classic cookery book!

Four and five don't technically count as cookery "books" as such, but they are my go-tos for Christmas recipes.

4) BBC Good Food Christmas Magazine

5) Good Housekeeping Christmas Recipes

Four and Five are my must-buys. From late September I start trawling the newsagents, pawing through the "Lifestyle" and "Home" and "Cookery" sections, hunting for The Christmas Food Magazines. I should point out right now that, in all of my almost 28 years, I have never actually been called upon to cook Christmas dinner. However, I like having the knowledge and the recipes close to hand should the need arise.

Given my collection of Christmas food magazines (because of course I can't throw them away, they contain different recipes every year), I can now in theory cater any seasonal event that may arise. Christmas Eve supper, Christmas Day breakfast, dinner and tea, Boxing Day brunch, New Years Eve cocktail evening or supper party, carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, all manner of food intolerances, I am prepared.

The amount of items I have actually made from the Christmas food magazines are few. I much prefer the low-stress, low-calorie option of buying them and spending three months poring over them somewhat obsessively, pointing out mouth-watering dishes (that I will clearly never make) to anyone within earshot.

I love Christmas.


  1. I think a craft book is in the same vein as a cookbook. And if you love it, then why not include it. One day you may be called upon to cook the Christmas dinner, so at least you are prepared!

  2. Well you certainly get the prize for the most eclectic mix! Not long til Christmas hey?

  3. I love Christmas recipe magazines. Every year the recipes are virtually the same, but occasionally there's a special something

  4. Ha ha, this made me laugh out loud...you rebel you! I got Craft for Christmas tho' don't remember seeing any recipes...will take another look! I think you should've added a photo of the mountainous stash of Christmas recipe mags you've got...it must surely be your turn this year...with all that knowledge an' all.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I'll take the eclectic prize with pride. ;) When I've collected up all the magazines (some are stashed in the attic with the Christmas decorations) I will definitely post a photograph!

  6. Oh your list made me laugh until I cried. In part because I can totally relate! See you in the news agents!

  7. LOL! I love this list - really different in a good way. The Freezer Cookery Book sounds like a good idea actually.