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Thursday, 5 June 2014

May Favourites!

OK...When I first did a "Favourites" post (wayyyyyyy back in September) I did clarify that I would forget to do them every month. So, here we are. This is the next in the series of things that are making me a happier little bunny this month...

This Pura Vida bracelet:

You will probably notice a slight theme this month. I'm slowly being over-taken by the coral trend (is that still a trend? I'm not trendy). This bracelet is the perfect match for May favourite number two. A friend and I have recently started importing these bracelets (first in the UK! We think...) and selling them at work after we fell in love with them when she found them on a trip to California. If you fancy stocking up on some for yourself, check us out on Facebook. Each bracelet helps to make life better for people in Costa Rica (and makes you look super awesome...I'm just sayin'...). I would advise you to get in on this trend before everyone else! ;)

This Accessorize nail polish:

I'd taken it off by this point...So the bottle is modeled here by my toy bichon frise.

If you follow my nail blog (and if you don't, where have you been?!) you will have seen me use the sequins that come with this colour last month to create a really cool scaly manicure for Play-off Weekend at the start of April. I just realised how gross "scaly manicure" sounds. Sorry. It wasn't gross at all actually, it reminded me of awesome dragons and Pudge the fish. Anyway...I digress. I used to just lump coral in with all the other reds that were a bit bright and I didn't like wearing. Then I wore this colour. I secretly judge my nails by how many comments they get. Working in a shop, hundreds of people see each manicure, so it's a pretty good way to judge, I think. This colour gets compliments from MEN. Straight men. Men don't notice nails. They even say they never notice nails. I don't remember the last manicure I did that a guy actually noticed (apart from that guy who said French manicures always made him think of porn...But we'll gloss over that one). Sadly this "Sandstone" colour is only available as part of a set (polish and pot of chunky glitter sequins) for £5. I see a lot of spare sequins in my future, because I need to stock up on this before it goes!!

Benefit Cha Cha Tint:

Image copyright Benefit Cosmetics.
I mentioned the coral theme before, right? Cha Cha tint is a lovely orangey-coral colour for lips and (though I haven't been brave enough to try it there) cheeks. I'm too much of a smeary klutz to wear lipstick, so lip stains are a perfect un-smudgeable solution and when I found some 99p samples on eBay I snapped one up.

This hair bow:

Actually, all these hair bows...

I don't usually wear hair accessories. My hair is huge and eats any decoration that goes near it. But I went to a vintage fair the day before Star Wars Day, and saw the Darth Vader one, and then they were six for a fiver, and there was Disney...And...Well...the inevitable happened ("The Inevitable" being I muttered something like "My nieces will love these!" as I flung a fiver at the woman and squirrelled away my Disney kiddie hair bow purchase for me, me and only me). I have to apologise as I've lost her business card so I can't give her the plug she deserves! If I find it I will definitely edit her details in later.

My go-to summer perfume...
JLo Glow apparently is aimed at "late teens/early 20s", but I don't care. The blurb says it smells of neroli, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk, jasmine, iris, and vanilla, but to me it smells like summer and I love it! I'm also apparently running low, looking at the picture! It is actually nicely complimented by the lovely Lustre dust in the background from Lush, which also smells of jasmine and has the added benefit of being jam-packed with SPARKLES!!!

If I remember, there will be a few June favourites to come next month (or, as it took me sooo long to do this, later this month!).