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Monday, 2 April 2012

Listography: April Goals

This is another Listography from the lovely Kate Takes 5 blog.

When I saw that the topic was "April Goals" I wondered whether to do this one because I'm only in the country for 15.5 days of April. And then I thought, that's just even more of a challenge!!! :D


Top 5 April Goals:

1). Actually put the "For The Loft" Pile in the loft. Hopefully before we go away. Actually, that should probably be "For The Loft" Piles, seeing as how every room seems to have one, including the landing which isn't even technically a room. :S Fortunately I am stocked up on boxes!!

2). Build a pond! I'm sure this will get a "Project:..." post all of it's own one day soon, but at the moment I have two buckets full of frogspawn/tadpoles waiting for a home! It will possibly be the frog equivalent of a trailer park before we go away (ie, a storage box sunk into the ground in the space where the pond will be), but will be a "proper" pond by the summer. Maybe with fish! Yay! Fish! A step up the ladder! ;) *

3). Use the phones more sensibly. I get 100 free minutes on my mobile. I get cheaper evening and weekend calls on my landline. But as well as that, to phone banks, etc on toll numbers it is cheaper to plan ahead and phone from my landline, rather than waiting and having to phone on my break on my mobile at work. I've already saved about a fiver a month, but I could be more careful!

4). Sort out all the bills/finances before we go away so that I don't have to worry about things not getting paid whilst we are away.

5). Have an AWESOME time in Disney World!!!! I've been waiting for 25 years to go (I'm sure my first recollection of what Disney World was would have been when I was about 3, and we went to watch someone else's holiday videos from their trip)...*squeeeeeeeeeee*

* For those who don't know me in real life, our stock answer to "So, when are you guys having kids?" is "Well, we're starting with a house plant and working up...". The Lucky Bamboo has survived for 2-3 years, so now we're onto tadpoles. If we get to frogs, maybe it's time for a fish or two! ;)


  1. I love your list and I think working your way through smaller living things is a fine plan! We had only had cat wrangling experience before our daughter arrived and I think perhaps a couple of house plants may have been useful! Have a marvelous time in DW. I really do not like Disney BUT we recently spent a day at Tokyo Disney and that was magical!

    1. Thank you Claire! I would love to go to Tokyo Disney/Universal, apparently a lot of Universal Studios there is themed around Snoopy/Peanuts which I love.