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Monday, 19 March 2012

Listography: 5 Reasons I Know I'm A...

Once again this idea is courtesy of Kate Takes 5 who has, by the means of the handy "Subscribe" linky on her page, managed to get me to stick to an idea for this blog for more than two days. Thanks Kate! :D
So, "5 Reasons I Know I'm A..." well, first I have to decide what I am (no suggestions please!!). I couldn't decide, so I'll be running with this one for a few days. Up first...
5 Reasons I Know I'm A(n)...Adult
1). Getting post is nowhere near as fun as it used to be.
I used to wait eagerly for the arrival of the postman. Now I cautiously push the door open after a day at work, trying to assess the upside-down envelopes on the doormat and save the nice ones until last. An empty doormat is a happy doormat!

2). I get far to excited over white goods.
This fact was brought home to me the Christmas I received my first tumble dryer. After a particularly wet summer (Floods of '07...so I'm not exaggerating when I say particularly wet!) of attempting to dry two people's washing in a very small house I was extremely excited to get the top item on my Christmas list. And then rather worried (and slightly depressed) that the top item on my Christmas list was a tumble dryer.
3). I clean items I never (as a child) realised needed cleaning.
Now I was a pretty with-it child, and I was capable of cooking, doing my own washing, etc, pretty early on. But there were some things I never in a million years would have thought of cleaning, because they were just always clean (thank you, Mum and Dad). These include:
  • Inside the fridge/microwave/oven
  • The powder/conditioner drawer in the washing machine
  • The front door (maybe I just now live in a dusty/polleny area!)
  • Skirting boards/door frames
  • Water jug
  • Draining board

4). Pay Day isn't fun any more.
When I lived at home and my board, PAYG phone and petrol were my only expenses, I LOVED pay day. I would have lists of things that I needed to buy. This list would usually entail make-up, nail polish, handbags, clothes, shoes, gig tickets, etc. I  never quite got around to saving as much as I thought I should. Now I still don't save as much as I think I should, however this is because I'm now less of a happy little worker funding my various spending habits, and more of a delivery person, running between work and my bills.  I pick up the money every pay day, gaze at it fondly, and then take it straight to the bank where it is invariably divided up between enough people to ensure that I never see it again.

5). There is no-one to blame when I run out of clean underwear (AKA...I now have a Wash Day).
I am the laundry person in our house. This can often end badly, moreso when we first got married. Mainly because I was used to my laundry cycles, which were sporadic at best. I did not have time for laundry. I owned a phenominal amount of underwear and other clothes. My husband, however, did not. Hence he would run out of underwear after a week, when I could have easily survived for...well...a considerably longer period of time, let's leave it at that. I have now almost mastered the washing. I say almost, because I still sometimes find myself sat up in the dead of night, waiting for the tumble dryer to finish so that one or both of us has dry work shirts for the next day.


  1. Definitely agree with number 3. I used to watch my mum wash the fridge/washing machine/skirting boards and think WHY?! Now I enjoy it! ;)

  2. Man, number 1 is SO true. I still wait for the post with giddy excitement though, just in case...