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Monday, 30 April 2012

Guess Who's Home?

Just incase you were wondering, that who would be me. :)
I have to stop right now (I know, I hadn't even properly started yet), and say that if you hate:
Space Ships
Photographs of all of the above
You may wish to stop reading my blog for the next month or two. If you hate too many of those things, you might also like to spend that time questioning why you are here in the first place, because I just don't know if I can be your friend any more... :P
So, we did Disney World. And I mean we REALLY did Disney World. Like, "out from 9am until at least midnight almost every day" did Disney World. Most of that time was spent walking. Which is good, because otherwise I would have needed rolling back on to the plane a la Violet Beauregarde of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame, thanks to the GIANT American food, and my love of eating as much of it as possible. I think it was the first Tuesday before we saw our first vegetable of the trip. And even then it was only a fleeting glance. Though I am VERY disturbed to report that, even in the Magic Kingdom, the place where dreams come true, you can't get chocolate fudge cake for breakfast (looks like Mum was right, it just isn't a breakfast food). Anyway...
I took 3288 photographs whilst we were away. That doesn't include Photopass pictures, or Seaworld photographer shots. Don't worry, I will be editing them down before I blog them. No more that 2500 will be posted. ;) Because of this, and the speed of the whole uploading thing, I'm going to tackle each day one at a time with a post of it's own.
I am from a land where tax is included on the tag (which is far more sensible, IMO). So, I will just be posting the prices that were posted on the tags. If you want to know the full price, add a little bit on (I can't remember how much, but it certainly wasn't our UK 20% tax, I think it's between 1-10% ish).
So, on with the show. I will tag each holiday post with "Florida", and each Disney post with "Disney" and "WDW" and also the parks/areas concerned, so if you want to find anything it should be easy to find.

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