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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Listography - Top 5 Albums by Male Solo Artist.

This is so hard to pick! I have different favourite albums/artists every week, so this is a rough selection of the ones usually in the favourites pile. I'm going to number in reverse order, to complete the chart-style countdown.

5). Jim Steinman - Bad For Good
Never heard of it? No, I thought not. Jim Steinman didn't just write for other people, and Bad For Good is an awesome album of his (often very cheesy) solo stuff. Time to get Dance In Your Pants!

4). Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
The original, and still the best.

3). Bryan Adams - 18 'Til I Die
My favourite Bryan Adams album, and also my first. I got 18 'Til I Die from one of my very best friends, on a cassette, when I was about 12 (that and Bon Jovi - These Days). That cassette lived in all of my cars, right up until my current one which has no cassette player (damn you, modern technology). Still just as good as it was when I first got it! 

2). Toby Keith - 35 Greatest Hits
Yup, picking a Greatest Hits album IS a cop-out. But, it really is a great album, there are no tracks where you think "Hmmm, Greatest Hits? Wouldn't have picked that one..." Plus, the last track is a brand new one, "She's a Hottie", which I love.

1). Undiscovered Soul - Richie Sambora

Possibly my all-time favourite album of all-time. Ever. There isn't a single dud track in my opinion. Who knew that Richie Sambora had a solo album? In fact, who knew that he had two? Way more bluesy than anything Bon Jovi ever did, Richie Sambora has a far better voice than Mr Bon Jovi lets on...

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