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Thursday, 10 October 2013


I mentioned a little while back that I have had numerous past blogs...So I thought I'd dig back through the archives and share some of the non-teenage-angsty-drama-ridden bits.

"Declined offer of an umbrella to get to work. Hence, got wet walking to bus stop, waiting for the bus, and walking from the bus to work. The bus driver looked like Frasier (if Frasier ever looked irritated about ppl dripping on his bus), and I spotted an apple segment on the floor of the bus, which made me think...for a while. Having also spotted (whilst crossing the car park to get to work) grapes and an orange peel, I've come to the only logical conclusion:- I'm being stalked by fruit."

"You join me 1/2 way through a very claggy Pot Noodle. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, noodle. Don't think I used quite enough water, so the noodles were all nice and as they should be, but there was no sauce."

"I discovered tonight that my leg-hairs are immune to "Veet", the newest incarnation of "Immac". Kind of annoying after spending £3.99 on a can. Plus I now have an unpleasant stinging sensation on certain patches of leg. Hmmmm, never happened under the old name. I sense more than the name has changed :S"

"Found my Spanish phrase book lurking under my desk, and have tried to extend my vocabulary beyond "buenos dios mono" (good morning monkey). After extensive studying (well, 15mins) I can now say "buenos noches mono" (good night monkey), and "Que hay mono, que tal?" (hi monkey, how are you?). Hopefully soon I will work up to other species."Por Favor, mantengase alejado de las puertas, mono!

"Was reminded during a discussion at work of the fact that I once had organ lessons in a class with a girl called Felicia who only had one foot, but I did find a number of people who, like me, thought that the Saturday morning orchestra ("..and this one time, at band camp......") teachers' warning that if you eat sweets during break your instrument would go green (maybe a logical warning to prevent wind instrument players eating sweets, but I went to a strings one, and they said it there too) was a LIE!!!"

"I also got quite excited at the idea of watching "Goat Rush" on TV tonight after checking the TV Guide on the net, only to discover that it was actually "Goal Rush" that had met with a large piece of dust stuck on the screen. Though...I do now have inspiration for a cool new TV show."

"I sometimes think the caffeine in my moisturiser sinks in further some days than others!!"

"As a strange point of interest, I had toast & strawberry jam for my tea."

"I also bought another notebook for my collection whilst I was on my break. I have a worryingly large notebook collection. I even, as I was leaving the shop today, wondered if I should go back in and buy another identical notebook, so that I could use one, and save the other. Primarily because it's an unusual one, when you read it with one side to the front, it says "Notes" on the cover and has lined paper inside, and when you turn it over it says "Scribbles" on the front (that was the back), and has un-lined paper inside. However, I also debated buying another one because before the reason of it being unusual struck me, I was just going to buy another one because it seemed a shame to spoil the one I'd just bought by using it."I do have two of those notebooks. I also have duplicates of a couple of other favourites. So sue me.

"I just made the most geeky hot chocolate in the world, with weigh-scales, and a measuring jug, and everything. I'm a nerd."I still do make hot chocolate that way.

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