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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Project: Christmas Cake

So, I decided to cheat with Christmas cakes this year, and use a kit. More specifically, this kit:

which apparently is exactly the same as the Delia Smith one, but the Delia requires you to add more butter, and some salt. I've never tried the Delia one, so I wouldn't know.

All mixed up and ready to go!

OK, I know all frutcake/Christmas pudding mix looks disgusting. But it smelled AMAZING, so just pretend that you are smelling Christmas in a bowl, and not looking at something bearing a passing resemblance to Santa vomit.

**Many delicious-smelling hours later**

One cake!

It baked a little unevenly, which is odd as I followed the instructions (including making a little paper "hat" to protect the top during baking, which was a b!tch to do), but overall it was a great kit to do!

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