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Saturday, 20 July 2013

True Friends...

I've seen something quoted all over Twitter and Facebook lately that makes me think. The basic jist is "True friends never walk away". I disagree. the statement is wrong.

"True friends never give friends reason to walk away" would be more accurate. "Friends aren't doormats" would be a little more to the point.

Friends are wonderful, amazing, awesome things. Some will be there your whole life. Some become more family than friends. I don't know where I would be without any of mine (and it should go without saying, none are referenced below).

But "true friends" don't make your life a nightmare. They don't put you under undue stress, spread rumours and talk behind your back, cause problems for you with other friends, get you in trouble with the law, chase your boyfriend/girlfriend, put you in awkward situations, make unreasonable demands on you or your time, condemn you for spending time with other people, damage your posessions, or take advantage of your charity (and that's just a few examples I've seen on FB/Twitter). Friendship is a two-way street. If you don't behave like a "true friend" to other people, you can't expect to get that in return.

Likewise, awarding someone the honour of being your "true friend" isn't your free pass to treat them like crap, put them through the mill, and then turn around and berate them when they get sick of taking your crap and walk away. There's one statement which circulates a lot less often, one which I think the new version probably stemmed from, and that I can say I believe wholeheartedly.

..."I'll never walk away from a true friend."

May that always be true of me. :).

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