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Friday, 2 November 2012

Thank You, Bon Jovi

Dear Bon Jovi,

Thank you for making the tickets for your 2013 "Because We Can" tour reasonably priced.

When I heard that you were reducing the price of tickets for the next tour, I thought that you probably meant from £45 to £30, or something similar (ie, still too expensive). So all credit to you for making the cheapest tickets just £12.50.

I like to think that "Because We Can" refers to the fact that, because you are all filthy rich, you can afford to remember the people who got you there and give us some reasonably priced tickets for those who need them, even if it means maybe taking a whacking "pay cut" on the tour. That makes you even more awesome than I ever considered (and I already considered you in the top half of the top 10 of awesome).

Either way, I feel appreciated as a fan and (bonus!) now I can afford one of your gig T-shirts as well. Yay!

See you in Manchester!


Me xxx

P.S...Just teensy-weensy little thing: Next time can you make your ticket sale start on a different day to Michael Buble please? Also check dates with Nickelback, Bryan Adams, Meat Loaf, Disney On Ice. Just in case. Thanks.

P.P.S...You're AWESOME. *mwah*

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