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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dear Clothes People...

And by "clothes people" I mean all of you. Designers, buyers, the whole chain that gets fabric wearable items into shops.

I have friends of all different sizes. Tall friends, short friends, skinny and not so skinny friends, apples, pears, hourglasses, twigs, rectangles...Whatever the defining shapes are this season.

One common denominator for all of us, I'm finding, is that NONE of us can find clothes that fit properly. None of us are the same size in every shop. None of us are catered to by ANY shops, as far as sizes go.

I put it to you, Clothes People, that the problem is in fact not us and our weird and wonderful varying shapes, it is YOU.

This many randomly sized people can't be wrong.

Love, Me x

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