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Monday, 13 February 2012

Project: LOVE

I was going to title this "Project: LOVE - Reveal", but then I realised that I never gave any sneaky peeks at this project, so...Here is the project reveal you weren't actually waiting for. Be excited (and amazed that this is perfectly timed for Valentine's Day ;).

This is one of the ones that I had to wait to reveal, for obvious reasons, and it's one of my favourite things I've EVER made. EVER. Even over the teddy-sized Elvis jumpsuit (don't even ask).

So, here goes:

I put the names on it wayyyyyy before I was ready to do the outlining. If I hadn't, I would have kept it!

This is the magazine version (The World Of Cross Stitch, Iss. 178):

And my finished version:

(Why yes, I do work on the floor on an upside-down tabletop. I also sew on the hearth at a very strange angle. Works for me! :P ).

And the back, because I love it almost as much as the front:


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