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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Check It Out! Prints Charming

Before Christmas I discovered the AMAZING Prints Charming Design, where the lovely Kathryn can stamp hand, foot, finger and even paw prints into 99.9% sterling silver, and make some absolutely gorgeous jewellery and keepsakes.


Circle of Love Pendant


Even drawings can be put onto your keepsakes.

Or the lil bumps who will eventually make the drawings!

I fell in love with this idea! ;)

This is the pendant Kathryn made for me (one for me, one for Mum for Christmas).
We LOVE them.

Kathryn is a complete dream to deal with, so helpful and such a talent, so please drop her a line through the Prints Charming website for more details and to place your order.

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  1. Apparently talent flocks together, if this is any indication. You rub elbows with some brilliantly creative individuals, Sarah.