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Monday, 23 September 2013

Fimo Fairy Fun!

I figure it's time for some actual crafts on the "craft blog" (someone pointed out how many blogs I have the other day...Disturbing! For your reference, as I told John, there's three main ones that have actually been used regularly..."The nail-art one, the old one which is the weird teenage angsty one, and then there's the grown-up one with the squirrel on it...Maybe that's not that grown-up...").

First I will share what I've been doing, and then (hopefully) there will be a brief period of *gasp* AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! (Dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh).

I've been working on a few Fimo things lately, since I discovered how much better Fimo Soft is than the Fimo Classic I used a few years ago (it's actually...Soft!). I will share the rest in a later post, it's mainly tiny food items, but on Saturday night I had a few tiny bits of clay left out of the packets, and decided to try something tiny.

 Tiny toadstool! I will be making more of these as earrings.

The final finished fairy. I love it (though I wish I'd given her a "proper" face...In my excitement to cram her into the jar I forgot to fill her face in. Whoops!).

More views. As you can see I'm liking the Instagram thing these days (MrsY777).

And now for the Audience Participation:

I *might* have a chance to sell these in an actual shop. Might. Very much maybe at the moment. But I want to be prepared. So, your little bit of participation is to please comment on this post how much you would be willing to pay for the item above. The pieces inside are Fimo, the jar is glass. It takes about 45-60mins to make, and bakes for 30mins on top of that (factoring in cost of electricity?). It could be a keyring, pendant, or phone charm, but as it is (with a proper face...without keyring/cord/chain included) what would you be willing to pay? This will also help me price them up for Etsy, where I will possibly be offering your choice of outfit/hair/skin colour, so in any eventuality it will be useful, all comments welcome! You could even add a value for a pair of toadstool earrings, if you were feeling extra helpful... ;)

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