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Thursday, 31 May 2012


Having recently delivered it to the wonderful people it was made for, I can now reveal another project! I've been itching to put this one on (how many people noticed the lack of crafts on the craft blog lately?!), but I needed to wait until it had been gifted. Now that the awesome Alexander has his pressie, I can reveal what I've been working on since Christmas. :)

The pattern is edited a bit, to include Alexander's older brother. I loved the idea of a little kid in a tiger suit. As you might guess, there are no patterns for kids in tiger suits, so I had to design it from scratch.

I think I've set a precedent now, there are another THREE babies due in the next year (none of them mine, don't panic). I've already started on number two! Each one will be slightly different, so I will post pictures when they are done.


  1. This is beautiful Sarah! The kid in the tiger suit came out great!