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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Listography: Top 5 Addictions

I can't remember where I found this Listography idea, so if it was your blog, comment below and claim the credit. :) I also watched "My Strange Addiction" last night, which reminded me of this topic! Hopefully none of mine are as weird as theirs.

1). Nail Varnish.

Not eating it (thank goodness...that would be strange). But buying it, using it, changing it, learning new styles and techniques with it. I'd love to give you an exact figure on my collection, but that's pretty much impossible. Last year I had a clear-out and got rid of almost 50 polishes (old, duplicates, or ones I never used). That didn't really make a small dent in the collection, so that gives you something of an idea. From where I'm sat I can see 14 bottles, and I can't see into the two Curver boxes, the pro case, the big jar or the three-bottle wine box where the rest live.

2). Cheese.

In our house, Cheese is it's own food group. We still have fruit, veg, carbs, protein, dairy, etc, but there is so much cheese consumed on our house that it deserves a food group all of it's own. There are very few foods that are not improved by the addition of cheese.

3). Toffee Crumble.

If you said "Ugh, that looks like the animal pellet food you get at the petting zoo!" you would be right. I can assure you however, having been a brave/strange child, that it tastes nothing like the animal food you get at the petting zoo (which tastes, as I remember, of grain with a hint of straw/grass). It actually tastes delicious, and I can easily hoover up a pounds' worth in a very short space of time.

4). Music.

It's very hard to find an image for music. Anyway. I would say more than 3/4 of my waking day is accompanied by some kind of music. In the car, at work, in the bath, at home on my laptop, there will be music present.

5). BBQ Chicken.

I LOVE BBQ chicken. Especially made with Newman's Sticky BBQ sauce (I am actually waiting for this to finish cooking right now). So much so that we now cook enough to leave some chicken for sandwiches the next day. Honorable mention to BBQ Pulled Pork made in the slow-cooker, with home-made sauce.

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