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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Listography: Laminated List

I just found "Listography". I'm still not 100% sure what it is/does. However, I am very fond of lists. So it can only be a good thing...Right? Someone once asked me "Do you ever make a list of lists you have to make?" I'm not quite that fond of lists, reassuringly.

I found Listography on one of my new favourite blogs, Frugal Family. It was linked from what I think may well become one of my other favourite blogs, Kate Takes 5. Basically, whenever a new list appears on her blog, I will be notified, and make/submit/blog my own list. :) That's the theory, anyway. You guys know I have the attention span of a goldfish, so this may well be the first and last Listography post.

Anyway...I thought I'd start off with one of the easiest lists. The Laminated List. For those of you who don't know every episode of "Friends" word for word, Ross has a laminated "Freebie List" of five celebrities he is allowed to sleep with without any complaints from the other half of his relationship. If you were asleep for the 90s, here's the video (wow this entry is linky!).

Without further ado, The Laminated List:

1). Sean Bean
Young, not so young, dressed, not so dressed...I'm not fussy. Any Sean Bean is good to me. My dream wedding is the one in "The Vicar Of Dibley" ("Spring"):

2). Triple H
Even in his latest incarnation...He's a fine watch-wearer.

3). Bryan Adams
For "All For Love" (our first wedding dance  ♥ ). For dancing with horrendously bad singers dragged out of the audience. For performing with a Spice Girl and not making me instantly hate him. For naming his daughter "Bunny". For proving that not all bass players are sanctimonious asshats like Sting. I love Bryan Adams.

4). David Boreanaz.

Angel, Angelus, Booth. S'all good.

5). Hugh Jackman

He's decidedly attractive. He gets semi-naked/flashes the guns a lot. He is Wolverine. He loves musical theatre (deal-clincher if ever there was one!!!!!). He was in "Oklahoma!". He will be Jean Valjean in the new film of Les Miserables. Also, he is decidedly attractive and gets semi-naked/flashes the guns a lot.

Alternates (because, you know, if Isabella Rosselini can be an alternate, everyone is allowed one):

Liam Neeson - Just because.

John Cena - Bonus points, goats not often used in "hot" photo shoots.

Richie Sambora
Jon Bon Jovi
Bradley Cooper
Viggo Mortensen
Daniel Craig
Cpt Jack Sparrow (though oddly not really Johnny Depp)

Hopefully I will find more interesting lists to make. I like this idea.

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