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Monday, 19 March 2012

Listography: 5 Reasons I Know I'm A... Take II

I said I had more of these. I asked my husband what he thought I was addicted to for my "Listography: Top 5 Addictions" post, and without a second's hesitation he replied "Disney World!" I guess what he meant was planning for our Disney World holiday, which I have been doing for almost (like, a few days off) a full year now. So without further ado:

5 Reasons I Know I'm A....Disney World Holiday Planning Addict

1). I have lists.
That has to be the number one reason on a Listography post, right? But seriously, I have lists galore. I have lists of things I'd like to do, lists of things I HAVE to do, lists of things that I cannot come home without doing. I have lists of places to go, lists of places and foods to eat, lists of gifts I want to buy for people and the shops I want to buy them from. My case will be considerably lighter ready to pack for the return journey, as long as I leave the lists in the hotel room bin.

2). I have a notebook.

I love rainbows. I love patterns. I LOVE notebooks. Oddly enough this one is not for the many lists. You see, I will not be able to blog (or make any other kind of internet/computerised notes) on our travels and I know that I will be so mind-blown on the trip that I will have to record things somewhere at the end of the day, so that when I get home I can condense it for my (very big, very heavy) diary, or for my blog. I want to do some fun reviewy things as well as the basic "look at my holiday snaps!" blog (though don't panic, obviously I will do that as well!) so I want to have lots of information and memories to go with my photographs.

3). I have already watched most of the rides on Youtube. At least twice.
I LOVE rides. Well, I love roller coasters, that don't go upside down. I actually plan on trying my first upside down roller coaster this year (at 28 years of age, eep) at Disney (I'm thinking Rock 'n' Roller Coaster). But, I like to know 100% that a ride doesn't go upside down before I get on it. As such, I have watched the ride-through videos of pretty much every ride at Disney World. And by now I've watched so many of them that it doesn't even ruin the surprise, because I can't remember which one is which really.

4). Most of my IE "Most Popular Sites" are Disney/Trip-Related.
Disney Parks Blog. DisBoards. Youtube. Disney.com. Trip Advisor. Universal Studios site. This is how I spend most of my internet time these days.

5). I have already started to wonder "What will I do after the holiday??"
Possibly because I remember too well the post-wedding blues of having nothing left to plan. Partially because Disney World has been my pick-me-up for a year. I'm sure there is life after Disney World...I'm not quite sure how I will handle it though!!!! I guess I'll just have to start planning the next trip . . .

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